Our Contractors

Marcus Recasner

Second Shooter

Ilya Feinstein

Second Shooter

Bobby Zabala

Second Shooter

Mclean Kotas

Second Shooter and Videographer

Brandon at Peek-A-Booth

Photo Booth and 360-camera


Drone Operator

Selena Rose

Makeup Artist

Why Choose Us?

Get All of Your Photos

BlushPix differentiates itself by providing complete transparency during photo sessions, giving clients access to every photo taken in their gallery. This approach allows clients to choose the best shots that capture their unique personality and style. BlushPix provides a personal touch to every session, exceeding expectations and delivering stunning, high-quality photos that clients will cherish.

Fast Turn Around Time

Our 4-day turnaround time guarantee ensures that you will receive your photos within four days of your session. We understand that time is valuable, and we want to make sure that you can enjoy your photos as soon as possible. With our guarantee, you can trust that we will work efficiently to deliver high-quality photos in a timely manner.

We Travel to You

We do not charge for travel within Southern California because we want to make our services as accessible as possible for our clients in the area. By eliminating travel fees, we hope to provide a more cost-effective and convenient solution for those seeking our services. Whether you're based in Los Angeles, San Diego, or anywhere in between, you can trust that we'll be there when you need us, without any additional fees.

Our Packages


Events Photography

Whether you are a corporate leader or simply charged with planning your next family gathering, hiring a photographer for events can help to crystalize the experience in digital format forever! Hiring the right event photographer can go a long way toward benefiting your business, building your brand, and capturing memories that you will cherish forever.

Family Photography

Much like any other medium, photography is a delicate art form that requires a professional pair of experienced hands to get the job done right. When it comes time to hire the best and most affordable photography session near me in Southern California, I want people to know that BlushPix Photography is perfect for the job.

Product Photography

Product photography is a specialized form of commercial photography that showcases products in an appealing way by highlighting their unique characteristics. Its goal is to create images that attract and persuade potential customers to make a purchase. High-quality product photography is essential for building a successful online store or e-commerce platform, regardless of the product being sold.

Corporate Head Shots

Our headshot photo session is the ultimate way to capture high-quality images of your upper body and face. We work with you to create the perfect lighting, background, and polished photos for your intended use. The result? A stunning set of images that make for fantastic personal branding, corporate use, or social media content.

Modeling Photography

A modeling photography photoshoot is a creative and collaborative process between the model, and photographer! and any other team members. It typically takes place in a studio or on location and aims to capture the beauty and essence of the model. The photographer will work with the model to pose and capture a variety of shots, utilizing different lighting and angles to achieve the desired look and feel. The photos can be used for a variety of purposes, including portfolios, advertisements, or editorial features. Throughout the process, communication and trust between the model and photographer are key to creating stunning and memorable images.


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